About Us

Hi!  I’m Nancy!

Nancy, Owner Kin Trading Post 
My goal is to make ethical fashion shopping easy and fun.
I curate collections that you'll be proud to support! 


Kin Trading Post

We chose a name that represents how we enjoy living life with others, which is treating all people like family, our “next of kin”.  
Trading Posts were once small shops set along trade routes where people from different countries and cultures exchanged goods, news, and stories.  We see our virtual “Trading Post” creating a similar experience.  Kin Trading Post is a growing family of customers, designers, brands, small businesses, and artisans who want to support each other through fashion.  

Our Story

Once I learned about the “dark side” of the fashion industry, I began researching brands products in an effort to shop from those who cared about the people while still making a profit.  I wanted to continue to express myself with style while staying true to our my new convictions and values.  Frustrated by the amount of time it took to research I asked out-loud, “why can’t there be a store that only carries brands that share these values AND style?”.  My go-getter husband responded, “why don’t YOU do it?”.  And with that, the seed was planted.  
We brainstormed as a family (kids have the best input!), prayed and shortly after,
a store name was picked and a goal was set.  
At Kin, we do the research so that you don’t have to.  
This way, you can do what you came here to do – shop while feeling good about the brands and people you are supporting.

Kin Trading Post is a marketplace
that values connection, people and fashion. 

We curate collections that share at least one of our core values listed below: 
Made in the USA
Pay fair living wages 
Give back to their communities 
Fair Trade Certified 
Organic Certified

Small Batch/Artisan Made


We call this "trendsetting compassion" through fashion.