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Let's Talk Color

Colorful Wildflower Field with Sunset

Driving around our new hometown near Houston, the colorful wildflowers bring me joy. The same feeling trickled over as I looked through my closet, passing up the dark and neutral colors of fall & winter, and finding myself eager to wear and add new color!  

The fashion industry takes color seriously, ya'll. Color options of your new favorite blouse didn't just randomly happen.  Color is planned, created, administered and observed.  Why so much thought into color?  Experts know color choices impact our daily lives.  It's why companies spend thousands of dollars on experts to help them brand their businesses with the "right" colors.  Studies show the influential power color has on our moods, actions and behaviors - or how we are perceived by others.  Colors are used in different traditions and cultures to exemplify characters, positions of power, wealth...color is a big deal.

Quick story of just how serious fashion experts take color...
Years ago, we had a special dinner event to go to and I wanted to wear red - a color I seldom wear.  As I eagerly started searching for the perfect fire-red dress, I was politely told by the stylist associate (this is why I never want there help!) that I should choose another color scheme based on my skin tone.   I was stunned. 
Apparently, we all fall into a category of cool, warm, or neutral skin tones and we look "better" when we compliment our tone to certain colors.   I'm sure there are legitimate studies to back up the psychology of the color wheel based on skin tone....but if you're like me, you buy what you like- and with conviction. 
Let's get real here  - do I really look that washed-out in pastels?  Is Emerald Green really that bad on me?  I THINK NOT!   I don't even care for pastels (it must be my God-given instinct telling me not to wear it) and I will eat, drink and wear all things green.   The sweet stylist associate who told me that the fire-red dress would not be a good color pick for me...was mistaken.  I absolutely loved the red-dress so I did what I hope most women would do after "advice" like that...I bought the red dress.  I assure you, my joy and confidence while wearing that red dress radiated much more than if I would've picked the more "flattering" color (black!).

COLOR is a major factor in the ever-shifting fashion trends.  Have you noticed certain colors you once disliked become your new favorite?  I was one who adamantly stated "I don't wear pink"....only to find myself loving Coral.  I see the trends shifting before they are popularized and I've wondered why/who decides what becomes available. I've recently noticed a major change in the color options.  It's subtle at first, but certain colors are no longer available and replaced by a new "trending" color.  The fashion industry introduces the color changing trends slowly; taking into consideration what starts to sell while also "influencing" us to like new things. 

Who are the color experts behind it all?  One of them is a company called Pantone. Pantone is a globally recognized color expert company.  Thanks to Pantone, we are able to print and dye the exact color a designer had in mind.  Every year, Pantone announces the "Color of the Year".   A group of color experts pay special attention to dominant colors across a variety of  industries (film, fashion, interior design, etc.) and then they deliberate in an undisclosed location in Europe (so secretive - makes me wonder why!) to select the color for the following year.

Below is a snapshot of the color winners since 2017! (Remember the trends?)

Pantone Color of the Year

Very Peri was the color pick for 2022!  If you start noticing more lavender like colors in stores - now you know why. There's a good chance that Pantone and its market share partners are influencing the brands to sell more "Very Peri" colored goods and apparel.


  • Color choices impact your daily life.  We were created to live in a color-filled world, and YOU were uniquely created to enjoy colors as a way to express yourself.  Jump on the trend, or don't, I hope your closet is filled with YOUR favorite colors. Colors that make you feel confident, bold and energized.

  • Curiosity is a gift.  Take the time to ask and find answers to the little things. You gain perspective and are reminded that most things in our world are planned, intentionally executed, and meticulously studied.

  •  Share your comments/thoughts below!  

    With much love, 
    Nancy de Matallana
    Owner, Kin Trading Post

    "Trendsetting Compassion"

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    Love this info on color. Always loved the big and bold and although I “buy what I love” I probably love it because of how I feel in it when I look in the mirror so funny how that works. For so many years in retail I worked at encouraging women to think a little bit outside of their black and white box, and to see the transformation in their demeanor as they tried on even a few subtle changes was so inspiring and fulfilling. I love what you do and even more than that, I love you.

    Julie Brown

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